Friday, July 24, 2009

We're excited!

We're looking forward to our two upcoming gigs in August and October. This is the second time we will be appearing at the Sidewalk Cafe, the show will be short but very sweet! The Sidewalk features many different entertainment venues, from music to comedy to performance art. Come hear our set and stay on for an evening guaranteed to stimulate your senses!

Band 6 is also thrilled to be playing, once again, at Rhythms of the Night in Manville. This is one of our favorite venues. The stage is huge with lights and all so we really feel like STARS! We usually get our biggest crowd at Rhythms thanks to the locale.

Since this will be mischief night, we hope you come out to join us, in costume, of course. We'll be dressed to kill, so we expect you to come decked out as well. As an added incentive the band will give a prize to their idea of best costume (no Beatles please that would be cheating!) Pretty spooky, eh kids! Come out and join us for some great music, mischief, and dancing!

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  1. We're on a roll! To all our long-time fans: you don't want to miss the Sidewalk gig, as Band 6 continues to add new material to its repertoire! We'll have at least one (if not several) new songs featuring (who else) our lead signer Cathy!! She rocks!